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Durango Area Lakes

Lake Vallecito

Vallecito is about 12 miles away from O-Bar-O cabins (17 minutes). This lake is fairly large, good for paddling, water skiing, and pantoon boating around! The lake has a Marina where you can rent boats, SUPs, kayaks and pontoon boots. Fishing licenses are also available at the marina.

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Lemon Reservoir

Lemon Reservoir is about 5 miles away from O-Bar-O Cabins (11 minutes). The Florida River (which flows behind our cabins) runs through Lemon Reservoir. There are no motorized boats allowed so it is very peaceful.

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Lake Nighthorse

Lake Nighthorse is very close to downtown Durango. There are wakeless days on the lake and motorized craft are also allowed. Four Corners River Sports has a rental facility there for SUPs and Kayaks. There is also a new swim beach that is great for kids. Lake information can be found on the City of Durango website.

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Navajo Lake State Park

Navajo Lake State Park is about an hour from O-Bar-O Cabins and is a long narrow lake that is partially in Colorado and mostly in New Mexico. There are two marinas, one in Arboles, Colorado and one in New Mexico. By the New Mexico marina, you will see the damn that creates the lake, damming the San Juan River (famous for gold medal fly fishing). Learn more on their website

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