We Welcome You To O-Bar-O

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Herb & Natalie
Natalie and Herb purchased O-Bar-O Cabins in April of 2018. As they like to say, “We bought a jewel, and every day we polish another facet of it!” In her prior career Natalie was an international flight attendant and has finally found a place to nest in Colorado. Her attention to detail and thoughtfulness become apparent as soon as you set foot on the property. Herb has been in the service business all his life, most recently owning a CrossFit gym before selling it to move to Durango. Herb promised Natalie they would move from St. Louis, Missouri to the mountains (where Natalie is most at home) and finally their dream has come true in the perfect place.
Pearly Girl
This is my rock. There are a lot like it in the Florida River, but this one is mine! I know Herb and Natalie are the O-Bar-O owners, but I'm the Top Dog around here. I'm small, a Jack Russell, but I'm pretty mighty...and really cute too, don't you think? You will see me a lot as I follow Herb around the property to supervise the care of this amazing place. He does a great job. And Natalie? She is really cool. Always happy. I really like to welcome our other canine guests and show off where I live. I may even let you stand on my rock and watch the fish with me. It's a good life here and we can't wait to share it with you during your stay. Woof.

Fun Facts About Herb

This is Herb doing what Herb does best — taking amazing care of the O-Bar-O property. It’s a lot of work maintaining an oasis for guests to enjoy time and time again, but it’s gratifying too. Pearly Girl likes the tractor, and the lawn mower machine, and the snow blower, and making apple butter, and cleaning the hot tub and sauna, and making sure the TeePee is perfect.

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Natalie and Her “Herbs”

And this is Natalie. When you you look up “hospitality” in the dictionary, you’ll see this picture of Natalie there. Natalie recently retired from being a top Delta flight attendant, the kind of person you wish was on every flight you took! She has a love for all things natural, organic, and Durango and goes to the Durango Farmers Market on a regular basis to bring all of that love to the O-Bar-O cabin guests, our gift shoppe, and the fun extras you’ll find at every turn. Of course she shops for fresh herbs…while keeping an eye on her “Herb” and Pearl!