As if the title doesn’t explain it all. Luxurious river-side cabins nestled in a beautiful valley of the eastern San Juan Mountains. Everything you need at your immediate disposal. A quiet and secluded sense of home; what more can I say? Well, you may be surprised but I do have more reasons.

If you’ve ever been to Durango, Colorado you know how amazing it is. You’ve experienced the Animas river running all the way through town, the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad subjecting you to some of the most breath-taking terrain, endless trails for hiking and mountain biking, and beautiful views atop mountains of various heights. You may not have to be convinced as to why you should come back (let’s admit it, you’re hooked!) but perhaps I can guide you on your decision as to where to stay. I have 7 whole amazing reasons why you should stay in a cabin next time you visit this beautiful little town, and that’s just skimming the surface.



Who doesn’t love a wonderful opportunity to sleep in a cozy cabin nestled in tall Ponderosa pines and spruce trees, right along a beautiful river? Whether you feel like fishing, sun-bathing, reading, strolling, or napping, there is enough space and time for it all. This is your vacation time, and I know when I’m on vacation, I feel like being as lazy and comfortable as possible. Here, you can sit for hours in the hot tub or take a long nap in the hammock, just listening to the river rushing by. Then, when it’s time for bed, the sound will lull you right to sleep, and you’ll never have felt so well-rested in your whole life.


Camping can be fun, but if you’re anything like me, I have a hard time getting good rest sleeping on rocks, grassy lumps, and slanted hillsides; and Durango doesn’t have the flattest landscapes, does it? A warm, comfortable bed, fully equipped kitchen, and easily accessible bathroom are some amenities that I look for when traveling anymore. Don’t you?

Finding a home away from home is exactly the way to find the most comfortable way of traveling. Late-night bathroom breaks don’t involve hiking into the woods in the dark – you can just use the sparkling toilet. And hotels are nice, I can here you say ‘what makes a cabin so different?’ Well, for starters, you won’t feel pressured to eat out every meal – you can cook all your favorite foods right here! Grill, bake, microwave, boil, or sauté your heart away; you’re home! And if that’s not enough, let the extremely welcoming and helpful hosts accommodate all of your needs and requests, ensuring a most comfortable stay as possible.


Outdoor folk, this one’s for you! Durango is known around the country for its endless supply of easily accessible hiking and biking trails, climbing spots, river sports, and more! In fact, right across the street from your luxury river-front ‘home,’ there’s a trail up Shearer Creek, one of the area’s most beautiful hikes! But maybe you don’t want to hike it on foot, you say, it’s so steep and you’re not used to this elevation. No worries! Just around the corner you can find Over The Hills Outfitters, and they can guide you on a horseback tour! Talk about reverting back to the Wild West days of Historic Durango times! That sounds great to me.


Have you ever gone outside on a clear night and tried to see the stars, but couldn’t because there was too much light pollution? Well, fear not such a possibility so preposterous; you can see every star in the whole Milky Way out here, granted the clouds don’t come through to ruin everything. And even better, it’s only fifteen minutes from town! That’s right, only twelve miles! So you’re not out in the boonies, if that’s what you’re thinking. Bring your telescope, because you’re not going to see a starry night like this anywhere else!


One of the hardest parts of traveling is finding a place for the pooch; I have a hard time leaving my four-legged companion behind when I’m going somewhere awesome, and it seems impossible these days to find anywhere that accommodates – and especially welcomes – dogs. Lucky for you, this is no such issue. We have a very pet friendly property with a designated dog run, and three ‘dog cabins’ of various sizes for the whole family. We even provide cookies and toys to ensure your pup stays happy and comfortable, as well. We would only want our fur babies to feel as welcome and content as us!


We can all agree that life can get a little hard at times. It gets jumbled and confusing, and you may find yourself stressed and tense over little things. Well, isn’t that the prime reason we don’t only want to go on vacation, but really need to? And how comfortable and relaxing does it get when you’re freezing in a tent, or listening to people all around you jump and yell in hotel rooms, or hearing street noise all through the night? It doesn’t. A cabin, and especially one so quiet and peaceful, is the perfect fit for your desired stress-relief. There is no better place to unload your worries and reflect on your life goings-on than right here. Sometimes you just need that perfect getaway in order to realign your life.


Holy Moly I just described exactly what you’re looking for, didn’t I? I understand your apprehension – most things this perfect are too good to be true. Key word here: MOST things. This is not one of those things. This is actually a real place, with real people, a real life mountain paradise made just for you! Everything you need rests right at your fingertips, and there’s nothing stopping you from grasping it all! It’s exactly what you need, exactly what you’re looking for. You’re going to have such a wonderful time here, the only bad thing about it will be that you won’t want to leave! (But that’s ok, because these awesome cabins are not going anywhere, and you’re welcome for as long and frequent as you’d like!)

So next time you find yourself contemplating a relaxing retreat in Durango, whether for the first time ever or the thirtieth time this year, consider renting a luxurious cabin at O-Bar-O Cabins. I promise, you won’t regret your decision.