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How to spend a day on the water in SW Colorado

How to spend a day on the water in SW Colorado

When you stay at O-Bar-O, you’ll be able to enjoy your very own cozy cabin, nestled in the heart of the San Juan National Forest. Our location is quiet, quaint, and boasts peaceful seclusion, while still being a short distance from downtown Durango, hiking trails, and lakes.

2018 – 19 provided a long, snow-filled winter. And now that summer has arrived, the warmer temperatures have led to snowmelt, which means great conditions for our local lakes. The water is high and the activities are plentiful this year!

We have good news for those who love a day on the water: O-Bar-O has two beautiful lakes within a stone’s throw from our property. Lemon Reservoir is a quick 5 miles down the road, and the larger Vallecito Reservoir is only 10 miles away. These pristine areas offer great mountain views, fantastic recreational opportunities, and will provide for a lovely day in the great outdoors.


Lemon Reservoir

Spend a day on the water in the Upper Florida Valley at the beautiful Lemon Reservoir. There’s something for everyone in the family to do, between fishing, hiking, biking, or boating.

Fly fishing is popular at this lake, boasting the opportunity to catch brown trout, rainbow trout and Kokanee salmon. Be sure to pack your gear!

This is also a perfect area to try paddle boarding or kayaking! There are plenty of shops in town that offer affordable daily rentals, such as 4 Corner River Sports or Durango River Trippers. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, Lemon provides good conditions for sailing and windsurfing as well. There is a boat launch at the north end of the reservoir for various water sports.

Trails around the lake are plentiful and good for hiking and biking. After you’ve tired out, we recommend picnicking at the day-use area and enjoying time among the pines and water.


Vallecito Reservoir

The drive to Vallecito is a few minutes longer, but there is plenty to do at this large recreation area. Take in the sights of the Pine River Valley and enjoy a day on one of the largest bodies of water in Colorado.

Near the lake, there are plenty of hiking trails of various difficulties. Choose from seeing abandoned mining towns, waterfalls, alpine meadows, lakes and more.

Fishing opportunities are abound at Vallecito as well. Fishing near the reservoir, you can catch rainbow, brown trout, and northern pike. Those looking for more of an adventure can hike to different locations with their angling gear for a secluded, tranquil day in nature.

Boating, kayaking, and paddle boarding are all great options for the day as well. Vallecito is so expansive that you are sure to have a portion of the water all to yourself.

Feel free to pack a lunch or dine at one of the local eateries when you’re feeling hungry. Pura Vida Cafe, Furtrappers Steak House, and The Rusty Shovel Saloon are all fantastic spots to top off your lake day.

7 Reasons to Stay In a Luxurious Riverside Cabin at the O-Bar-O

As if the title doesn’t explain it all. Luxurious river-side cabins nestled in a beautiful valley of the eastern San Juan Mountains. Everything you need at your immediate disposal. A quiet and secluded sense of home; what more can I say? Well, you may be surprised but I do have more reasons.

If you’ve ever been to Durango, Colorado you know how amazing it is. You’ve experienced the Animas river running all the way through town, the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad subjecting you to some of the most breath-taking terrain, endless trails for hiking and mountain biking, and beautiful views atop mountains of various heights. You may not have to be convinced as to why you should come back (let’s admit it, you’re hooked!) but perhaps I can guide you on your decision as to where to stay. I have 7 whole amazing reasons why you should stay in a cabin next time you visit this beautiful little town, and that’s just skimming the surface.



Who doesn’t love a wonderful opportunity to sleep in a cozy cabin nestled in tall Ponderosa pines and spruce trees, right along a beautiful river? Whether you feel like fishing, sun-bathing, reading, strolling, or napping, there is enough space and time for it all. This is your vacation time, and I know when I’m on vacation, I feel like being as lazy and comfortable as possible. Here, you can sit for hours in the hot tub or take a long nap in the hammock, just listening to the river rushing by. Then, when it’s time for bed, the sound will lull you right to sleep, and you’ll never have felt so well-rested in your whole life.


Camping can be fun, but if you’re anything like me, I have a hard time getting good rest sleeping on rocks, grassy lumps, and slanted hillsides; and Durango doesn’t have the flattest landscapes, does it? A warm, comfortable bed, fully equipped kitchen, and easily accessible bathroom are some amenities that I look for when traveling anymore. Don’t you?

Finding a home away from home is exactly the way to find the most comfortable way of traveling. Late-night bathroom breaks don’t involve hiking into the woods in the dark – you can just use the sparkling toilet. And hotels are nice, I can here you say ‘what makes a cabin so different?’ Well, for starters, you won’t feel pressured to eat out every meal – you can cook all your favorite foods right here! Grill, bake, microwave, boil, or sauté your heart away; you’re home! And if that’s not enough, let the extremely welcoming and helpful hosts accommodate all of your needs and requests, ensuring a most comfortable stay as possible.


Outdoor folk, this one’s for you! Durango is known around the country for its endless supply of easily accessible hiking and biking trails, climbing spots, river sports, and more! In fact, right across the street from your luxury river-front ‘home,’ there’s a trail up Shearer Creek, one of the area’s most beautiful hikes! But maybe you don’t want to hike it on foot, you say, it’s so steep and you’re not used to this elevation. No worries! Just around the corner you can find Over The Hills Outfitters, and they can guide you on a horseback tour! Talk about reverting back to the Wild West days of Historic Durango times! That sounds great to me.


Have you ever gone outside on a clear night and tried to see the stars, but couldn’t because there was too much light pollution? Well, fear not such a possibility so preposterous; you can see every star in the whole Milky Way out here, granted the clouds don’t come through to ruin everything. And even better, it’s only fifteen minutes from town! That’s right, only twelve miles! So you’re not out in the boonies, if that’s what you’re thinking. Bring your telescope, because you’re not going to see a starry night like this anywhere else!


One of the hardest parts of traveling is finding a place for the pooch; I have a hard time leaving my four-legged companion behind when I’m going somewhere awesome, and it seems impossible these days to find anywhere that accommodates – and especially welcomes – dogs. Lucky for you, this is no such issue. We have a very pet friendly property with a designated dog run, and three ‘dog cabins’ of various sizes for the whole family. We even provide cookies and toys to ensure your pup stays happy and comfortable, as well. We would only want our fur babies to feel as welcome and content as us!


We can all agree that life can get a little hard at times. It gets jumbled and confusing, and you may find yourself stressed and tense over little things. Well, isn’t that the prime reason we don’t only want to go on vacation, but really need to? And how comfortable and relaxing does it get when you’re freezing in a tent, or listening to people all around you jump and yell in hotel rooms, or hearing street noise all through the night? It doesn’t. A cabin, and especially one so quiet and peaceful, is the perfect fit for your desired stress-relief. There is no better place to unload your worries and reflect on your life goings-on than right here. Sometimes you just need that perfect getaway in order to realign your life.


Holy Moly I just described exactly what you’re looking for, didn’t I? I understand your apprehension – most things this perfect are too good to be true. Key word here: MOST things. This is not one of those things. This is actually a real place, with real people, a real life mountain paradise made just for you! Everything you need rests right at your fingertips, and there’s nothing stopping you from grasping it all! It’s exactly what you need, exactly what you’re looking for. You’re going to have such a wonderful time here, the only bad thing about it will be that you won’t want to leave! (But that’s ok, because these awesome cabins are not going anywhere, and you’re welcome for as long and frequent as you’d like!)

So next time you find yourself contemplating a relaxing retreat in Durango, whether for the first time ever or the thirtieth time this year, consider renting a luxurious cabin at O-Bar-O Cabins. I promise, you won’t regret your decision.

Durango getaway at the O-Bar-O Cabins

Durango Getaway at O-Bar-O Cabins

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary a getaway is:  1. an act or instance of getting away 2:  a place suitable for a vacation or 3:  a vacation especially of brief duration.


Once you arrive at O-Bar-O Cabins via, planes, trains or automobiles – to coin a phrase –  come enjoy sitting by the river, on the deck or wetting a line.  Make sure to snack on the home-made cookies, thanks to Mike!  You deserve it.   You can meet other guests and get the lay of the land. Don’t want to spend hours cooking after a long drive?  Order up a grill package of your choosing from the website or treat yourself to dinner in historic downtown Durango.  A favorite of our staff is The Ore House; an old western style steak house with some of the best steaks and side dishes around. Don’t forget to leave room for s’mores over the camp fire.



As difficult as it is to get up and out of our luxurious beds, you won’t want to be late for your 1st day of adventures.  If you have ordered a breakfast package all the ingredients are waiting in your cabin for a hearty breakfast before starting out the day.  If you really couldn’t get yourself out of that comfy bed make a quick stop at Jean Pierre for a yummy pastry as you head over to the train depot and jump on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. Don’t forget your camera as you take the trip up to Silverton.  You will want to capture Bakers Bridge, made famous by the movie “Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid”. O-Bar-O Cabins recommendation: Take the train up to Silverton and ride the motor coach back).

Once you arrive back in Durango make sure to peruse some local shops and galleries in our historic western town. You can catch an early dinner at local favorite Eolus, as always we’re happy to book you a table. You must try their Lobster Burger- it’s a new take on surf & turf and is definitely delish!  Or high tail it back to the cabin so you can cook overlooking the river.  Dine al fresco on your patio table to the sounds of nature spilling past.

If your adventurous spirit still needs satiating, you can skip dinner and take a Twilight Jeep Tour with Durango Rivertrippers. Explore the majestic La Plata Mountains just outside Durango. You will explore mountains and canyons at that magical time of day as dusk approaches and the mountains come alive.


After a sumptuous breakfast, how about some rafting? Durango Rivertrippers offers 2 & 4-hour rafting excursions. With the snowpack in the high country, it’s bound to be a banner year on our rivers. O-Bar-O Cabins guests, ask about your complimentary action photos. (O-Bar-O Cabins recommendation: Don’t forget your promo code). You will float down the Lower Animas River and blast through the Class III rapids of our famous, in town, whitewater park.

After rafting you can choose between seeing the high mountains on horseback or hiking one of the many trails in and around Durango. Either way, it will be an afternoon to remember!

There’s gold out there … gold medal winning brews, that is! The over 21 crowd can hit the Brews Trail and checkout the six breweries our town has to offer. Guest faves are True Blonde Ale from Ska Brewing & the Steam Engine Lager from Steamworks. (O-Bar-O Cabins recommendation: Fish & Chips at Steamworks or Animas Brewery).


What better way to spend your last day then on the river whether it is fly fishing like a pro or reading a book while lounging in an Adirondack chair dangling your feet in the river.  With the speed at which we live life a little R & R is necessary to “reboot”.  Sit back, relax and let the O-Bar-O take care of you.  Our motto is “Relaxation has and Address”.  Relax, rejuvenate, and reboot.  Not specifically in that order, but you get the idea.


As the saying goes … all good things must come to an end, sadly so.   After a hardy breakfast out on the deck, facing the river, of course.  We will send you on your way with a small snack bag to make sure you don’t go thirsty on your way back home.

We hope this gives you inspiration. We’ve only touched on the various adventures that abound here in the Durango area … there’s much more to show you. ‘Til we meet again.

Experience Durango! How to plan the best vacation.

Experience Durango! How to plan the best vacation.

Experience Durango!  There all kinds of studies out there that are trying to figure out what the discerning traveler wants when they are on vacation.  The one thing that keeps repeating itself is everyone wants an “experience” that can be taken with them well after the vacation is over.  What makes the most memorable vacation possible? What adventures will leave a lasting impression so that every time you think about Durango or O-Bar-O Cabins you get that dreamy look and are lost in thought while reminiscing?

Mike and I are on board with this “experience” idea.  We have discovered a vacation doesn’t need to be packed to the hilt.  It just needs to have the perfect balance of activities.   And we are here to help you plan the top ways to play in Durango, creating that unforgettable experience to treasure for years to come.

Spring brings about a new lease on life.  Trees are sprouting their new colors, flowers are poking through the thawed ground, temperatures on the rise and the activities have just doubled in fun.

When contemplating experiences, I can’t help but look out the window towards the mountains.  The views are awe inspiring, breathtaking, heart stopping, need I go one?  Anyway, they can’t be beat.  Some of the best ways to experience these views are from the many hikes in and around Durango.  Mike or I are always happy to tell you our favorites.   Each hike will offer different experiences.  See how I worked that in?!!  Some offer the best possible mountain views while others offer mountain valley views with a sea of flowers.  All with the potential for wildlife viewing. There are literally thousands of miles of hiking trails around.  We have books that you can borrow to help you choose skill levels and user types.  That way you can choose which ones are best for you or you can ask us.  We will be happy to share our favorite hikes with you.

Durango boosts 6 craft breweries, a winery and a distillery.  It’s our first distillery since the Prohibition!  We also have the 3rd oldest brewery in Colorado.  Four Leaves Winery will create a blend of wine to suit your personal taste even bottling it as a private label.  Now that is an experience I am all for!   Taste the different flavors each has to offer and take home the memories.

For those who have been to the O-Bar-O before you know some of the best fishing happens right here in the Florida river.   We have seen Guests make their whole vacation when they catch that big one.  We will even vouch for you when you tell your buddies!  Mike is always happy to help ensuring that you get that big one.  If fishing is your thing we are happy to suggest other places to fish.  Mike has been known to take people on guided tours.  I think there is more fishing going on than guiding but you get my drift!

I’ve always said that there is something special about the Southwest corner of Colorado.  While all of Colorado is beautiful we have the corner on the market for experiences.  Just being in the San Juan Mountains makes everything just so much better. We look forward to your next adventure with us.  We will make sure you have the best experience possible.  Remember, Relaxation has an Address or should I change it to Experience has an Address!

Are you hot? Part 4: Durango vacations to beat the heat

I certainly hope you aren’t hot yet since it is the middle of winter but I wanted to get a start on the final chapter of How to Beat the Heat in Durango.  I decided to put the thought out there so you can be ready once the heat index reaches 100.  Nothing is worse than sweating it out at home when you could be sitting by the wonderfully, cool Florida river.   In the blogs to date we have covered the alphabet from A-T.

We start with U, aren’t you glad I know the alphabet even if I can’t count?

Unwind-Where Relaxation has an Address!  The Florida river has many qualities some of which are medicinal as I like to think.  You can sit by the river and let the soothing sounds wash away all of your angst.  We could also hook you up with a massage in your cabin.  Leave the windows open so you can hear the water pass by.  You might even fall asleep!  Before you know it you will feel refreshed ready for your next adventure.

Vallecito-The lake is just minutes from the O-Bar-O and provides loads of activities.  You can stop by the marina and rent a boat.  Could be a pontoon or could be a fishing boat.  I can’t think of a better time than to let Mike fish while I soak up the sun with a good book.

Wildflowers and the Weminuche-They can go hand in hand or you can divide and conquer!  These mountain valleys can boost some of the most incredible wildflowers all the way into July.  Where there are wildflowers there are bound to be sweeping, majestic mountain views.  You could plan a back pack trip through the Weminuche or even a day trip up around Engineer Mountain.  For those more adventurous there is always the train whistle stop on the way to Silverton.

Xtreme-I think I said this before but Relaxation has an Address.  It was worth repeating…..right?  Xtreme can go in either direction.  You can do extreme activities or extreme relaxing.  If it is the relaxing part you are in search of we can get you a fill the fridge package so you don’t even have to lift a finger.  Better yet stay an extra day for extreme……..(fill in the blank)!

Yippee!-Okay, so it isn’t something to do while in Durango while it’s hot but it is the exclamation you will make after having so much fun in our neck of the ponderosa pine woods!

Zip-lining-If you haven’t been zip-lining it something you must try.  We did it and had a blast.  Nestled in the pines there are 2 choices.  Taking the train to Soaring Tree Top Adventures is quite the experience and they treat you just right with their 5 star service.  We haven’t had one guest disappointed yet!  If you aren’t up for a full day you can hit Full Blast Adventures.  Their name says it all.

Well, there you have it,  A-Z.  If nothing else you can now have a fun-filled, packed or not, adrenaline or not, relaxing for sure adventure in our little slice of heaven we like to call O-Bar-O Cabins.  Remember, Relaxation has an address and O-Bar-O will make sure you have everything you need to make your vacation just perfect.  See ya soon!

Discover Winter in Durango, CO and O-Bar-O Cabins

Did you know that Durango is a hot spot for winter fun?  Come discover what winter has to offer in Durango and the O-Bar-O Cabins.  With the snow piling up the family-friendly fun and pulse-pounding adventure awaits.  The scenic San Juan Mountains offer just more than scenery.  And I don’t mean snow banks down the middle of main street as scenery but that heart stopping, snow capped mountains that you can almost touch they are so close!


Purgatory Resort has levels of expertise for both family fun and pulse-pounding.  I have found that I now enjoy the family fun part much better!  It’s a short drive up to Purgatory with more than just skiing for your winter fun.  Purg has turned 50 but they don’t look a day over 20!  Recent renovations have made sure of that.  Be the first to carve a fresh path in the powder.

If skiing isn’t your thing there are other ways to experience winter in Durango that will keep you warm!  Snowmobiling is a blast.  This I know from personal experience.  My 4 year old grandnephew even has his own mini snow mobile.  If he can do anyone can, right?  There are other activities that can change those winter chills into winter thrills.  Besides snowmobiling there are sleigh rides, snowshoeing, ice skating, fishing, for those of us die hard fisher people.  That wouldn’t be me! Cross country skiing,  oooh, how about ice climbing?  I haven’t done that yet but I do believe that is on must list.  Snow tubing, dog sledding or simply hanging out at the O-Bar-O Cabins in front of the fire catching up on that much needed rest after making a snowman army in the meadow.

Once you have spent your energy with the myriad of outdoor activities you can take in the culinary scene in downtown Durango.  It is always nice to have someone cook for you while you are on vacation.  At least that is what I say!

Always make sure to check the event calendar at  or you can always check out for the latest and greatest of events in and around Durango.  Our famous Snowdown is in it’s 39th year and this years theme is “Intergalactic”.  It’s sure to be an out of this world time!

Train enthusiasts of all ages will love the trip to Cascade Canyon aboard the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge.  Winter can really put a new spin on the untouched stretch of the San Juan National forest.  I am in awe of the majestic views not matter what time of year.  We are in God’s country and as we like to say this is our little slice of heaven. said it best, “With flurry filled family fun and cultural escapes from the cold, Durango offers ideal ways for everyone to make the most of winter.  Whether your perfect snow day is spent carving through fresh powder or cozied up to the fire in your cabin, the diverse and captivating array of activities ensures there is never a dull moment when the flakes fall.  When the temperatures get cold, Durango and the O-Bar-O Cabins become the hot spot for winter fun.”  Well, that isn’t verbatim but down right close!

Remember, Relaxation has an address and we are awaiting your arrival.

What to do in the New year in Durango and the O-Bar-O Cabins

What to do in the New Year in Durango and the O-Bar-O Cabins

What do you do in the New Year in Durango, you ask?  There is always a little bit of spice around here.  Both in the outdoor activities and the yummy Southwest food that can be found at the local establishments!  Durango has something to offer on everyone’s resolution list. From full blast, adrenaline filled adventures to relaxing by the river.

Doesn’t everyone have a nostalgic train ride on your list?  I certainly do!  Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad has a storied past and is a popular vacation activity.  Ride the rails through the stunning San Juan Mountains.  You will see breathtaking scenery and wildlife.  You might even see a bear!  Either before or after the ride enjoy the train museum.  Maybe even consider a themed train ride.  Check the calendar for rides like the Brew Train, Blues Train or my favorite the Wine and Rails Train.  How can you not have a grand time on any one of these!

As with all New Year’s resolutions activity seems to top the list.  So, take it outside!  I can’t even begin to list all of the outdoor activities that Durango has to offer but I will try.  There must be at least billion hiking trails in and around Durango.  Okay, maybe not a billion but you get my drift!  O-Bar-O is located just inside the San Juan National Forest and on the edge of the Weminuche Wilderness which means there are many hiking trails within a short distance.  There are many great trails in town when the snow is a little deep for the higher one.  Explore trails on mountain bikes, horseback and, of course your very own hiking boots.

Don’t forget to add Mesa Verde to your list.  Talk about amazing!  And why try a little white water rafting while you are here.  A little adrenaline is good for the soul, right?  You could always add zip lining, too.  My 82 year old Mom decided zip lining was on her bucket list.  Don’t forget all of the winter activities….You can always call me for more activity ideas.

Sometimes you need a little break from the outside activities or you just don’t feel like making dinner in your cozy cabin.  Take out a little time to explore a vibrant downtown and stop in one of the many restaurants for a mouth-watering meal.  There are some really nice shops downtown.  My favorite pass time is window shopping and people watching.  Never a dull moment.  Don’t forget to stop in some of the art galleries  on your stroll.

Bottom line, Durango has so much to offer you best book your trip now to take advantage of all these wonderful activities.  We have a place for you at the O-Bar-O Cabins where Relaxation Has an Address!

Winter Wonderland in Durango Colorado, again!

Okay, so I tend to like part 2’s, part 3’s and so on.  It keeps the conversation going in the same direction, right?

If you have the fortunate problem of living where the weather is warm but just need to get away to feel the cool mountain breeze in your hair you have the task of figuring out what to bring and what to do while you are here.  Durango is a Winter Wonderland, as well as a great Christmas town.  Had to stick that in for good measure.  In the effort to continue with our mission, which is to make every Guest feels like they are being well cared for and to ensure that winter wonderland experience , we have compiled a list of things to bring and the must do’s.

First off you need to pack appropriately.  Colorado is known for its wide-ranging temperatures in all the seasons but winter seems to pose the largest packing challenge.  This Winter Wonderland can bring on 60 degree days and 0 degree nights.  If you haven’t heard this already pack for layers.  When you start out in the morning you may need a winter coat but by lunch you could be down to shirt sleeves.  I usually have a winter coat, a sweater and then a t-shirt.  That gives me loads of options.  The other pieces of winter gear that I never leave home without are a scarf, mitten or gloves, and warm boots.  It’s amazing how much warmer you will be when you have a hat on your head or your fingers are warm!  I find that I can forgo the winter coat if my head is covered.  The boots are a gimme.  You need to have warm boots for either the O-Bar-O Cabins snowball fight off road adventures into the snow you have planned.  Of course, you can always call me if you have questions about the weather or what to pack.

Don’t forget the sunscreen.  Yeah, I know, sunscreen in the winter seems odd but it is almost more important than the summer.  Durango boasts 300 days of sunshine a year.  So, while you are playing on that brilliantly white, snowy surface that reflects the sun you are bound to get a sunburn.  Remember to bring sunglasses, as well.  Believe it or not I have a friend that actually went snow blind for a while because he didn’t wear sunglasses.  But that is an entirely different story.

Now that issue of what to pack is all figured out what next.  O-Bar-O has great winter prices and deals going on which translates into you being able to spend more time here!  See, I like how I think…..Everyone needs more vacation time.

First on my bucket list would be a day of skiing at Purgatory.  Purg has great trails for those of us that are no longer into extreme skiing!  After a perfect day of skiing you can come back home to a nice fire, warm blankets and hot chocolate.

Next would be a sleigh ride.  It really makes you feel like you are in a winter wonderland flying around on the snow in a sleigh.  Snow shoes are also a fun way to explore the great Colorado outdoors.  We have some that you can borrow so you don’t need to rent these.  It’s great exercise, too!  There are many more activities that you can experience when you come to our little slice of heaven so just call me for more ideas.  You can also check out the Event Calendar on to see what else is happening.

Winter Wonderland in Durango, Colorado

Durango has many talents but one that is worth kudos is the nomination for a top 10 Christmas town. …Again! We are truly a Winter Wonderland. Magic happens here especially during Christmas. Durango is nestled in the mountains easily lending itself to a Christmas town. In all our years at the O-Bar-O Cabins, nestled even more in the mountains!,  we have always had a white Christmas. It has even snowed Christmas eve. Talk about magic! O-Bar-O does our part in contributing to the Top 10 Christmas town. The cabins are decked out in their Christmas finest. Sure to please even the youngest Guest we might have.

To celebrate our achievement there are activities galore. Kicking off the season around town;

November 25th Santa makes his first appearance of the season in downtown Durango singing his way down Main Street to light the Holiday tree. Join him as he walks down Main Street from First National Bank to Buckley Park.  Enjoy the hot chocolate and cookies watching downtown light up into a Winter Wonderland.

Don’t forget to reserve your weekend of December 2nd. It will be ‘chucky jammed full’ starting with the Holiday Arts and Crafts Festival at the fairgrounds shopping for the perfect handmade gift before stopping downtown Durango to partake in Noel Night. Stroll through downtown while visiting the shops and galleries.  You are sure to find that unique gift for the unique person! So, you found that perfect ornament now you just need a tree. Take the Christmas Tree train on Saturday morning with the family to choose the best tree possible making sure to showcase that new ornament. If you happen to miss this train it runs the next weekend as well.

All aboard in their jammies for the Polar Express. It can’t get more Christmas than that, right? Check the train website for details and times.

Well, you have almost all your Christmas shopping done and it’s on to menu planning. Spend the day at the Holiday Farmer’s Market, December 10th. The best part is the locally grown produce and baked goods but also a little last minute shopping for that last gift you just couldn’t find or that lil’ somethin’ for you! To finish off the magic of the day get caught up in sugar plum fairies while enjoying ‘The Nutcracker’ feathering the State Street Ballet of Santa Barbara and the San Juan Symphony.

But remember, the best part of Christmas is spending time with those you love and celebrating. What better place to stay thank the O-Bar-O Cabins while enjoying the Winter Wonderland of Durango, Colorado!

10 signs to know you are addicted to Durango.

Are you addicted to Durango?

There is a sure-fire way to find out if you are addicted to Durango.  And if you happen to be, that ain’t a bad thing, now is it?  I’m not sorry to say it has been discovered there is no cure.  And why would there be.  What better place to live, visit, play, relax…I could go on.  One might ask how you go about finding out if you are addicted to Durango.  It’s rather simple.  Ask yourself these following questions.  If you say yes to any of them then yep you are addicted.


  1. You have visited Durango during every season.
  2. You regale all of your friends with stories that start with “This one time, when I was in Durango…..”
  3. Whenever you have a long weekend you consider jumping in the car with Durango as the destination.
  4. The ski app on your phone is set to Purgatory so at a glance you can tell snow conditions.
  5. You have been to all the different breweries sampling as you go.
  6. The Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge has a car named after you!
  7. While perusing our beautiful downtown, shop owners tip their hats in recognition.
  8. All your social media pages start out with “Durango” or have mountain vistas of the La Plata range and surrounding mountains.
  9. Every curve, turn or sundry landmark on the Million Dollar Highway is well known to you.
  10. Even when you are trying to concentrate at work all you can do is day dream about your next visit to Durango.


Even if you haven’t experienced all 10 symptoms it is safe to say if you have said yes to any of them you are well on your way to becoming addicted to Durango.  And, why not!  Don’t worry, you won’t be alone.  O-Bar-O Cabins has just the cure.  Remember, Relaxation has an Address.