Yep, that is what Durango is.  A top 10 Christmas town, in December, that is!  We are on the incredible elite list with only 9 other select towns in the whole USA to share this honor.  What qualifies a Christmas town, you might ask?  Well, to be honest I am not really sure but here is my story and I’m stickin’ to it.  First of all you have to have snow.  What is Christmas without snow?  I am sure our counterparts in say, Florida, might disagree but in my book you must have snow.  This will be our 7th winter in Durango and at the O-Bar-O and I can say we have always had a white Christmas,  makes me think of Bing Crosby and that baritone voice of his whenever someones says white Christmas (it is currently playing while I am writing this!).  It usually starts to snow in earnest by the middle of December.  Mike and I tease about how there is a light switch that is turned on the 14th or 15th of December and turns off about the 15th of March.  Snow seems to simply set the mood for a magical Christmas.  Next might be the festive nature of the town itself.  Of course downtown and all the great ships are decked to the max.  O-Bar-O is no exception.  Our cabins are fit to host the best Christmas with decorations both inside and out and Christmas lights everywhere!  Did I mention that there would be snow?  I believe the last qualifier would be the activities.  What better way to start the season on the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge train (  The train cars are decorated for the season carrying passengers on it’s daily trips to Cascade Falls and back.  The Polar Express train is a shorter trip for all ages.  Dress in your best jammies and don’t forget your blanky for that trip.  I have heard, but not confirmed, that DSNG is also doing a cut your own tree train.  What a blast to ride up in the winter wonderland, cut the perfect tree all while seeing God’s beautiful country.  If I were lacking in the tree department, which I am not, I would definitely take that trip.  Purgatory is celebrating 50 years this season.  Skiing is not necessarily an activity specific to a top 10 Christmas town but it doesn’t hurt, right?  This year I think Mike and I will try this next one.  Horse drawn sleigh ride.  Doesn’t that sound so dreamy?  Did I mention there would be snow all around with the horses taking you on a ride, gliding over the snow covered valleys looking at the snow-capped peaks, while you are buried under a ton of blankets (well, that would be me) and your hot chocolate to keep you warm.

So there you have it.  As Christmas brings about the dreams of Sugar Plum Fairy’s and candy canes remember that Durango has all the magic of Christmas  wrapped up into on great package.  The perfect accommodations to top off the trip of course, The O-Bar-O!  Did I mention there would be snow at our place?  What better place than a top 10 Christmas town to provde the perfect setting of festivities and fun to get you into the season and creating the perfect Christmas with you and yours.