Snoopy and the Easter Beagle Express Saturday April 4 2015

Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad | 9:00am – 3:00pm

Snoopy is making an appearance on the Easter Beagle Express April, 4 2015.  While Snoopy is in town we have the perfect pet friendly cabin for him to stay in.  It even has a fenced back yard to keep Snoopy from roaming the mountains!  Inside he will find a jar full of treats, duck and potato, toys to play with in the O-Bar-O Corral, his very own watering and food station and a comfy pet bed, although he might like a dog house better.  I’ll get Mike right on the task of fashioning the perfect dog house for Snoopy and Woodstock to sleep on, watching the stars and contemplating life.  Maybe Woodstock could stand guard with a snow shovel just in case!  Passengers purchasing tickets to ride Peanuts™ The Easter Beagle Express will ride in premium-class seating in the rear half of our train, all the while enjoying crafts, storytelling, musical entertainment, games refreshments and other Easter-themed activities.  Charlie Brown and his loyal pup will be filling the train with great stories.  I can’t guarantee that Lucy will pull the football away just as Charlie Brown tries to kick.  However, I am sure she will try.  Wouldn’t you guess that Schroeder is the one in charge of the musical entertainment?  No guarantees that he will have his “baby” grand but it is sure to delight.  Linus will be there with his favorite blanket so bring yours, too.  Maybe there will be cameos from Peppermint Patty and Pigpen.  I might just hold my breath if Pigpen comes around, though.  For all you grown-ups you must talk like the grown-ups in the cartoons…..wah wah wah, wah!  When you book your tickets don’t forget to call the O-Bar-O Cabins for your stay.  We will make sure to pamper you and your Snoopy.