Are you addicted to Durango?

There is a sure-fire way to find out if you are addicted to Durango.  And if you happen to be, that ain’t a bad thing, now is it?  I’m not sorry to say it has been discovered there is no cure.  And why would there be.  What better place to live, visit, play, relax…I could go on.  One might ask how you go about finding out if you are addicted to Durango.  It’s rather simple.  Ask yourself these following questions.  If you say yes to any of them then yep you are addicted.


  1. You have visited Durango during every season.
  2. You regale all of your friends with stories that start with “This one time, when I was in Durango…..”
  3. Whenever you have a long weekend you consider jumping in the car with Durango as the destination.
  4. The ski app on your phone is set to Purgatory so at a glance you can tell snow conditions.
  5. You have been to all the different breweries sampling as you go.
  6. The Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge has a car named after you!
  7. While perusing our beautiful downtown, shop owners tip their hats in recognition.
  8. All your social media pages start out with “Durango” or have mountain vistas of the La Plata range and surrounding mountains.
  9. Every curve, turn or sundry landmark on the Million Dollar Highway is well known to you.
  10. Even when you are trying to concentrate at work all you can do is day dream about your next visit to Durango.


Even if you haven’t experienced all 10 symptoms it is safe to say if you have said yes to any of them you are well on your way to becoming addicted to Durango.  And, why not!  Don’t worry, you won’t be alone.  O-Bar-O Cabins has just the cure.  Remember, Relaxation has an Address.