Are you hot? It is July for heaven’s sake! It must be at least 100 degrees if not more where you live.  Here at the O-Bar-O we like to sport a high of about 85 degrees this time of year with overnight lows in the mid to upper 40’s.  Okay, I am not trying to rub it in just trying to enlighten you!  This is part 3 of the How to Beat the Heat in Durango, CO series. Previously we entertained hiking, Mesa Verde National Forest and the nightlife. O has many great qualities including the O-Bar-O Cabins.  Don’t you think? So we continue….

Outdoor Adventures – We like to say that outdoor adventures are the heart of Durango’s charm; Mountain or road biking, horseback riding, jeep tours, ghost town tours, rocking climbing hiking, rafting, kayaking…..The list is endless. Durango is a hot spot for the outdoor enthusiast to say the least. It is impossible not to find some kind of activity that you can all enjoy while you are in Durango. I do have to say that there is more to Durango’s charm than just the outdoor adventures. I personally think O-Bar-O Cabins is the biggest part. Right?…..It starts with an O!  Stop by the website  to see for yourself!

Purgatory – No, not the in-between but the ski resort.  Starting at 8,793 feet above see level it can boast some of the coolest summer temperatures in the area and in the US.  Purgatory not only has great skiing in the winter but in the summer you can race down the alpine slide, take a chair lift ride up the mountain, brave the water runner or take the Purgatory Plunge.  Burr, I am cold just thinking about it!

Quench your thirst – Durango is a craft beer mecca.  We have 6 craft breweries and 2 distilleries.  When you think of it that is a LOT of beer.  So if you decide to imbibe make sure to have a DD.  We now have UBER to make sure you get home.  Of course, there is always the option to pick up a 6 pack and sit by the river right in your very own chair.  Talk about cleansing the spirit and the palate.

Restaurants – Can you believe that Durango has over 100 restaurants?  I certainly can’t.  While Mike and I have been doing our best the sample them all there is only so much food I can eat!  Actually we have tried many and haven’t been disappointed yet.  Many offer locally grown meats, cheeses, vegetable and brews.  YUM.

San Juan Skyway – This loop is one of the prettiest there is in Colorado.  While there are some narrow roads here and there the pay off is huge.  Talk about epic views. Make sure to stop by Telluride or maybe even Ouray along the way.  I always suggest this to our Guests for things to do while here.  You never know it might just snow in Silverton while you are there!  Silverton is the only place in the country that doesn’t have agriculture because it can dip below freezing and snow even in July.

Trimble Hot Springs – Pagosa has nothin’ on us.  Trimble has a refreshing Olympic sized swimming pool, natural hot springs and an expansive shaded lawns for lounging.  Just perfect…. All you need is a picnic.

Stay tuned for the 4th and final chapter.