Experience Durango! How to plan the best vacation.

Experience Durango!  There all kinds of studies out there that are trying to figure out what the discerning traveler wants when they are on vacation.  The one thing that keeps repeating itself is everyone wants an “experience” that can be taken with them well after the vacation is over.  What makes the most memorable vacation possible? What adventures will leave a lasting impression so that every time you think about Durango or O-Bar-O Cabins you get that dreamy look and are lost in thought while reminiscing?

Mike and I are on board with this “experience” idea.  We have discovered a vacation doesn’t need to be packed to the hilt.  It just needs to have the perfect balance of activities.   And we are here to help you plan the top ways to play in Durango, creating that unforgettable experience to treasure for years to come.

Spring brings about a new lease on life.  Trees are sprouting their new colors, flowers are poking through the thawed ground, temperatures on the rise and the activities have just doubled in fun.

When contemplating experiences, I can’t help but look out the window towards the mountains.  The views are awe inspiring, breathtaking, heart stopping, need I go one?  Anyway, they can’t be beat.  Some of the best ways to experience these views are from the many hikes in and around Durango.  Mike or I are always happy to tell you our favorites.   Each hike will offer different experiences.  See how I worked that in?!!  Some offer the best possible mountain views while others offer mountain valley views with a sea of flowers.  All with the potential for wildlife viewing. There are literally thousands of miles of hiking trails around.  We have books that you can borrow to help you choose skill levels and user types.  That way you can choose which ones are best for you or you can ask us.  We will be happy to share our favorite hikes with you.

Durango boosts 6 craft breweries, a winery and a distillery.  It’s our first distillery since the Prohibition!  We also have the 3rd oldest brewery in Colorado.  Four Leaves Winery will create a blend of wine to suit your personal taste even bottling it as a private label.  Now that is an experience I am all for!   Taste the different flavors each has to offer and take home the memories.

For those who have been to the O-Bar-O before you know some of the best fishing happens right here in the Florida river.   We have seen Guests make their whole vacation when they catch that big one.  We will even vouch for you when you tell your buddies!  Mike is always happy to help ensuring that you get that big one.  If fishing is your thing we are happy to suggest other places to fish.  Mike has been known to take people on guided tours.  I think there is more fishing going on than guiding but you get my drift!

I’ve always said that there is something special about the Southwest corner of Colorado.  While all of Colorado is beautiful we have the corner on the market for experiences.  Just being in the San Juan Mountains makes everything just so much better. We look forward to your next adventure with us.  We will make sure you have the best experience possible.  Remember, Relaxation has an Address or should I change it to Experience has an Address!