I certainly hope you aren’t hot yet since it is the middle of winter but I wanted to get a start on the final chapter of How to Beat the Heat in Durango.  I decided to put the thought out there so you can be ready once the heat index reaches 100.  Nothing is worse than sweating it out at home when you could be sitting by the wonderfully, cool Florida river.   In the blogs to date we have covered the alphabet from A-T.

We start with U, aren’t you glad I know the alphabet even if I can’t count?

Unwind-Where Relaxation has an Address!  The Florida river has many qualities some of which are medicinal as I like to think.  You can sit by the river and let the soothing sounds wash away all of your angst.  We could also hook you up with a massage in your cabin.  Leave the windows open so you can hear the water pass by.  You might even fall asleep!  Before you know it you will feel refreshed ready for your next adventure.

Vallecito-The lake is just minutes from the O-Bar-O and provides loads of activities.  You can stop by the marina and rent a boat.  Could be a pontoon or could be a fishing boat.  I can’t think of a better time than to let Mike fish while I soak up the sun with a good book.

Wildflowers and the Weminuche-They can go hand in hand or you can divide and conquer!  These mountain valleys can boost some of the most incredible wildflowers all the way into July.  Where there are wildflowers there are bound to be sweeping, majestic mountain views.  You could plan a back pack trip through the Weminuche or even a day trip up around Engineer Mountain.  For those more adventurous there is always the train whistle stop on the way to Silverton.

Xtreme-I think I said this before but Relaxation has an Address.  It was worth repeating…..right?  Xtreme can go in either direction.  You can do extreme activities or extreme relaxing.  If it is the relaxing part you are in search of we can get you a fill the fridge package so you don’t even have to lift a finger.  Better yet stay an extra day for extreme……..(fill in the blank)!

Yippee!-Okay, so it isn’t something to do while in Durango while it’s hot but it is the exclamation you will make after having so much fun in our neck of the ponderosa pine woods!

Zip-lining-If you haven’t been zip-lining it something you must try.  We did it and had a blast.  Nestled in the pines there are 2 choices.  Taking the train to Soaring Tree Top Adventures is quite the experience and they treat you just right with their 5 star service.  We haven’t had one guest disappointed yet!  If you aren’t up for a full day you can hit Full Blast Adventures.  Their name says it all.

Well, there you have it,  A-Z.  If nothing else you can now have a fun-filled, packed or not, adrenaline or not, relaxing for sure adventure in our little slice of heaven we like to call O-Bar-O Cabins.  Remember, Relaxation has an address and O-Bar-O will make sure you have everything you need to make your vacation just perfect.  See ya soon!