Okay, so I tend to like part 2’s, part 3’s and so on.  It keeps the conversation going in the same direction, right?

If you have the fortunate problem of living where the weather is warm but just need to get away to feel the cool mountain breeze in your hair you have the task of figuring out what to bring and what to do while you are here.  Durango is a Winter Wonderland, as well as a great Christmas town.  Had to stick that in for good measure.  In the effort to continue with our mission, which is to make every Guest feels like they are being well cared for and to ensure that winter wonderland experience , we have compiled a list of things to bring and the must do’s.

First off you need to pack appropriately.  Colorado is known for its wide-ranging temperatures in all the seasons but winter seems to pose the largest packing challenge.  This Winter Wonderland can bring on 60 degree days and 0 degree nights.  If you haven’t heard this already pack for layers.  When you start out in the morning you may need a winter coat but by lunch you could be down to shirt sleeves.  I usually have a winter coat, a sweater and then a t-shirt.  That gives me loads of options.  The other pieces of winter gear that I never leave home without are a scarf, mitten or gloves, and warm boots.  It’s amazing how much warmer you will be when you have a hat on your head or your fingers are warm!  I find that I can forgo the winter coat if my head is covered.  The boots are a gimme.  You need to have warm boots for either the O-Bar-O Cabins snowball fight off road adventures into the snow you have planned.  Of course, you can always call me if you have questions about the weather or what to pack.

Don’t forget the sunscreen.  Yeah, I know, sunscreen in the winter seems odd but it is almost more important than the summer.  Durango boasts 300 days of sunshine a year.  So, while you are playing on that brilliantly white, snowy surface that reflects the sun you are bound to get a sunburn.  Remember to bring sunglasses, as well.  Believe it or not I have a friend that actually went snow blind for a while because he didn’t wear sunglasses.  But that is an entirely different story.

Now that issue of what to pack is all figured out what next.  O-Bar-O has great winter prices and deals going on which translates into you being able to spend more time here!  See, I like how I think…..Everyone needs more vacation time.

First on my bucket list would be a day of skiing at Purgatory.  Purg has great trails for those of us that are no longer into extreme skiing!  After a perfect day of skiing you can come back home to a nice fire, warm blankets and hot chocolate.

Next would be a sleigh ride.  It really makes you feel like you are in a winter wonderland flying around on the snow in a sleigh.  Snow shoes are also a fun way to explore the great Colorado outdoors.  We have some that you can borrow so you don’t need to rent these.  It’s great exercise, too!  There are many more activities that you can experience when you come to our little slice of heaven so just call me for more ideas.  You can also check out the Event Calendar on www.Durango.org to see what else is happening.