What to do in the New Year in Durango and the O-Bar-O Cabins

What do you do in the New Year in Durango, you ask?  There is always a little bit of spice around here.  Both in the outdoor activities and the yummy Southwest food that can be found at the local establishments!  Durango has something to offer on everyone’s resolution list. From full blast, adrenaline filled adventures to relaxing by the river.

Doesn’t everyone have a nostalgic train ride on your list?  I certainly do!  Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad has a storied past and is a popular vacation activity.  Ride the rails through the stunning San Juan Mountains.  You will see breathtaking scenery and wildlife.  You might even see a bear!  Either before or after the ride enjoy the train museum.  Maybe even consider a themed train ride.  Check the calendar for rides like the Brew Train, Blues Train or my favorite the Wine and Rails Train.  How can you not have a grand time on any one of these!

As with all New Year’s resolutions activity seems to top the list.  So, take it outside!  I can’t even begin to list all of the outdoor activities that Durango has to offer but I will try.  There must be at least billion hiking trails in and around Durango.  Okay, maybe not a billion but you get my drift!  O-Bar-O is located just inside the San Juan National Forest and on the edge of the Weminuche Wilderness which means there are many hiking trails within a short distance.  There are many great trails in town when the snow is a little deep for the higher one.  Explore trails on mountain bikes, horseback and, of course your very own hiking boots.

Don’t forget to add Mesa Verde to your list.  Talk about amazing!  And why try a little white water rafting while you are here.  A little adrenaline is good for the soul, right?  You could always add zip lining, too.  My 82 year old Mom decided zip lining was on her bucket list.  Don’t forget all of the winter activities….You can always call me for more activity ideas.

Sometimes you need a little break from the outside activities or you just don’t feel like making dinner in your cozy cabin.  Take out a little time to explore a vibrant downtown and stop in one of the many restaurants for a mouth-watering meal.  There are some really nice shops downtown.  My favorite pass time is window shopping and people watching.  Never a dull moment.  Don’t forget to stop in some of the art galleries  on your stroll.

Bottom line, Durango has so much to offer you best book your trip now to take advantage of all these wonderful activities.  We have a place for you at the O-Bar-O Cabins where Relaxation Has an Address!