Did you know that Durango is a hot spot for winter fun?  Come discover what winter has to offer in Durango and the O-Bar-O Cabins.  With the snow piling up the family-friendly fun and pulse-pounding adventure awaits.  The scenic San Juan Mountains offer just more than scenery.  And I don’t mean snow banks down the middle of main street as scenery but that heart stopping, snow capped mountains that you can almost touch they are so close!


Purgatory Resort has levels of expertise for both family fun and pulse-pounding.  I have found that I now enjoy the family fun part much better!  It’s a short drive up to Purgatory with more than just skiing for your winter fun.  Purg has turned 50 but they don’t look a day over 20!  Recent renovations have made sure of that.  Be the first to carve a fresh path in the powder.

If skiing isn’t your thing there are other ways to experience winter in Durango that will keep you warm!  Snowmobiling is a blast.  This I know from personal experience.  My 4 year old grandnephew even has his own mini snow mobile.  If he can do anyone can, right?  There are other activities that can change those winter chills into winter thrills.  Besides snowmobiling there are sleigh rides, snowshoeing, ice skating, fishing, for those of us die hard fisher people.  That wouldn’t be me! Cross country skiing,  oooh, how about ice climbing?  I haven’t done that yet but I do believe that is on must list.  Snow tubing, dog sledding or simply hanging out at the O-Bar-O Cabins in front of the fire catching up on that much needed rest after making a snowman army in the meadow.

Once you have spent your energy with the myriad of outdoor activities you can take in the culinary scene in downtown Durango.  It is always nice to have someone cook for you while you are on vacation.  At least that is what I say!

Always make sure to check the event calendar at http://www.durango.com  or you can always check out http://www.durango.com for the latest and greatest of events in and around Durango.  Our famous Snowdown is in it’s 39th year and this years theme is “Intergalactic”.  It’s sure to be an out of this world time!

Train enthusiasts of all ages will love the trip to Cascade Canyon aboard the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge.  Winter can really put a new spin on the untouched stretch of the San Juan National forest.  I am in awe of the majestic views not matter what time of year.  We are in God’s country and as we like to say this is our little slice of heaven.

Durango.com said it best, “With flurry filled family fun and cultural escapes from the cold, Durango offers ideal ways for everyone to make the most of winter.  Whether your perfect snow day is spent carving through fresh powder or cozied up to the fire in your cabin, the diverse and captivating array of activities ensures there is never a dull moment when the flakes fall.  When the temperatures get cold, Durango and the O-Bar-O Cabins become the hot spot for winter fun.”  Well, that isn’t verbatim but down right close!

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